Innomesh™ subscription options.


Pulse AU$10/per room per month

Network-based monitoring

  • NWeb portal and room manager

    Provides a dual-interface solution in two user-friendly web views with RBAC applied. The “run” view allows users to monitor, manage, automate and remotely support their environments based on data-driven decisions and analytics. The “build” view, as part of the room manager web portal, provides comprehensive template, room and information management workflows for simple application and information deployment at scale.

  • NComprehensive network-based monitoring

    Monitor and track the health and performance of connected endpoints, ensuring continuous uptime and reliable response time.

  • NDashboards, visualisations & data insights
  • NEasy, no-code deployment workflows
  • NIntegrated alerting & ticketing system

    Stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications through Slack, Microsoft Teams, and automated ticketing via ServiceNow.

  • NAsset discovery & tracking
  • NConfiguration Management
  • NInstant Notifications

Sight AU$30/per room per month

Data-driven monitoring and insights

  • ZEverything in Pulse +

    All the features in the Pulse subscription are included in the Sight subscription.

  • NAdvanced data-driven monitoring
  • NData-driven asset discovery & tracking
  • NAI-driven alerting and ticketing
  • NTechnology usage & device metrics
  • NDocument, metadata & information management
  • NRemote NOC Troubleshooting

Space from AU$50/per room per month

Control, monitor, manage and automate your spaces

  • ZEverything in Pulse and Sight +

    All the features in the Pulse and Sight subscriptions are included in the Space subscription.

  • NHighly available room control system
  • NDrives in-room touch panel experience
  • NCustomisable UX/UI

    Offers a user-friendly interface that can be tailored to meet specific user preferences and operational requirements.

  • NFree MarketSpace of flat pack solution templates

    Access a wide range of pre-designed proven room templates, easily adaptable for diverse requirements, with customisable business logic and library of hundreds of drivers.

  • N Configurable business logic and drivers
  • NSeamless multi-vendor interoperability

    Achieve a unified user experience in multi-vendor AV environments across various equipment manufacturers, ensuring smooth interoperability and compatibility in diverse environments.

Add-ons available for all subscriptions at an additional subscription cost

Ops add-on

+AU$10 per room per month
  • Remote management of rooms & endpoints
  • Manage AV peripherals from multiple vendors
  • Auto-trigger recovery actions based on alerts

UC add-on

+AU$10 per room per month
  • USB peripherals monitoring in UC rooms
  • Manage Microsoft Teams rooms
  • Manage Zoom rooms

Cyber add-on

Currently in selected tenancies only
  • Currently in selected tenancies only

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