What is innomesh?

Innomesh is an overarching SaaS platform for multi-vendor AV/UC/IoT environments, providing a single management interface for monitoring, remote management, control, automation, cybersecurity, data-driven insights and support.

The core features of innomesh


Unified User Experience

Device Uptime & Response Monitoring

Tiered Alerting System

Live Asset Data

Single Overarching Portal

Remote Management Capabilities

Scalable Deployment, Simple Configuration

Controlled, Evergreen Updates

Geographically Unrestricted Deployment

Data-Driven Insights

Proactive Monitoring

Centralised Document & File Management

Third-Party Support

Automated Configuration Management

Security & Compliance

No Code Deployment

Full Automation

Manufacturer Agnostic

Single Overarching Platform

Tailored User Experience

What innomesh
does for you.


Simplifies, Secures & Automates

AV Operations

Consolidates & Enables

Data Analytics, Remote Management
& Uniform Experiences

Unlocks & Elevates

Any Environment

Your New Superpowers


  • Prediction
  • Instant Insights
  • Self Healing
  • Reliability

See the future for yourself.


Never again be restricted by someone else’s roadmap


Ever-presence is now a reality, with increased awareness monitoring.


An overarching platform that works on your terms, at your scale.